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Rutgers to Name Apartment Building after Sojourner Truth

In February 2017 Rutgers University announced that it will name an apartment building on its historic New Brunswick campus after the abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth (c.1797-1883). The decision followed research findings, published in Scarlet and Black: Slavery and Dispossession in Rutgers History, that Sojourner Truth had been enslaved as a child to members of the family of Rutgers’ …

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Exhibit Explores Photography of Sojourner Truth

The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) is Sojourner Truth, Photography, and the Fight Against Slavery, an exhibition that features photographic carte de visite portraits of Truth that she sold to help make a living. From an article by KQED: “While only privileged white Americans could afford to commission painted oil portraits, photographic portraits were easy to …

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U.S. Navy to Name Ship After Sojourner Truth

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has announced that a new class of six oil tankers will be named after civil and human rights leaders, among them Sojourner Truth! The other leaders being honored include Harvey Milk, Robert F. Kennedy, U.S. Representative John Lewis, Chief Justice Earl Warren, and women’s rights activist Lucy Stone.

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Sojourner Truth to Appear on the $10 Bill

Women on 20s prevails! Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced this week that not only will Harriet Tubman be replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, but Sojourner Truth will be joining a slate of suffrage leaders on the back of the $10 bill. From The New York Times: While Hamilton would remain on the $10, and Abraham Lincoln on the …

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Sojourner Truth Statue on Jeopardy

Tonight on Jeopardy, our very own statue was the subject of a question on Jeopardy. The answer: “A statue of this ex-slave and abolitionist stands in Florence, Massachusetts, where she lived from 1843-1856.”

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New Statue of Sojourner Unveiled at Marshall College

A life-size bronze sculpture of Sojourner Truth was recently unveiled at Marshall College at UC San Diego. Created by artist Manuelita Brown, the sculpture depicts Truth in motion, with a small carpet bag in one hand and a Bible in the other. The statue is accompanied by a plaque with a quote from Truth that says: “I feel safe in …

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Mars Rover Named for Sojourner Truth

NASA has named its Mars Pathfinder rover after Sojourner Truth. The 25-pound, six-wheeled rover will be the first to explore Mars. According to NASA: The name Sojourner was chosen for the Mars Pathfinder rover after a year-long, worldwide competition in which students up to 18 years old were invited to select a heroine and submit an essay about her historical …

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