Tours with Local Classes

P1030360(1)In the spring of 2015, the Sojourner Truth Memorial Committee brought some local elementary school classes on tours of the African American Heritage Trail. The students were inspired by their experience exploring historic Florence and sent us thank you notes about what they had learned.

“I learned so much such as, Sojourner Truth’s slave name, (Isabella) her work as a slave and as a freed woman.  She was quite amazing in terms of bravery, an abolitionist and a great person in all.”

“I learned so much about Sojourner Truth, like that with her singing voice she could influence rowdy young men to stop bothering her and the others.”

“Thank you for teaching me more about the underground railroad at first I thought it actually was a railroad!”

“I learned alot about Sojourner Truth’s life and her setting out of slavery and it’s really amazing that someone like this lived in our town.”

“One thing that was very fascinating and unique to me was that she owned a house.”

“When we were at the mulberry tree talking about slaves and how much work they had and then I thought my chores did not seem too horrible to me any more.”

The Sojourner Truth Memorial Committee is a 501(c)3 organization ("Committee for Northampton, Inc"); EIN 22-3529750.