The African American Heritage Trail commemorates the Florence of Sojourner Truth’s time, when she lived in this small Massachusetts community in the mid-1800s. We are fortunate that so many of the historic homes and buildings remain as reminders of the contributions and legacy of the many abolitionists, Underground Railroad agents, and former slaves who called Florence home in the 19th century. Engaging the local community to explore historic Florence–both physically and virtually–is at the cornerstone of the Sojourner Truth Memorial Committee’s mission to honor Sojourner Truth’s legacy. To that end, we offer walking tours of the African American Heritage Trail to the local community.

Walking Tours with Local Schools

The Committee has conducted grant-funded walking tour projects with a number of local schools to share the history of Florence with the next generation.

Schedule a Tour

If you’re interested in scheduling a tour of the African American Heritage Trail for your class, please contact us!

Self-Guided Walking Tour

Take a self-guided walking tour of Sojourner’s house and historic sites from her time in Florence by downloading this pdf African-American Heritage Trail map or by using our mobile walking tour, which includes videos of each stop on the trail.

Virtual Tour

Can’t make it to Florence? Check out our interactive walking tour map or view a video playlist of our walking tour videos.

Community Tours

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day Weekend, and throughout the year, we sponsor free community tours of the African American Heritage Trail. Check our Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for our mailing list for announcements of upcoming tours.

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