Curriculum materials have been developed to help school teachers in lesson planning. The goal of this curriculum is to help in the development and dissemination of materials about Sojourner Truth.

  • Thanks to two grants from Mass Humanities, the committee developed a curriculum that helps teachers and students, grades 5-12, understand Sojourner Truth’s accomplishments in the context of 19th-century Florence, MA. An in-person walking tour for students and a self-guided mobile walking tour were also developed. Teachers may contact the committee for more information.
  • In 2009-10, a play about Sojourner Truth, “I Will Shake Every Place I Go To,” was developed in collaboration with the Enchanted Circle Theater in Holyoke, MA. Enchanted Circle has produced a complete version of the play in book format along with a CD of the music and a CD of teaching ideas.  The book of the play and materials are appropriate for grades 5-12. Contact Enchanted Circle Theater for information about the book and CD. This teaching tool is also available at the Odyssey Bookshop, Broadside Bookshop, and Amherst Books.
  • A subcommittee developed sample lesson plans for grade 3-5 teachers based on the book Only Passing Through by Anne Rockwell. The sample lessons, along with a copy of the book and audio tape and CD reading of the book were donated to 10 local elementary schools.
  • In 2006-07 the subcommittee cooperated with the Deerfield Teachers’ Center in developing a high school unit: “Sojourner’s Third Life Chapter: Finding Other Truths at the Northampton Association for Education and Industry.” This workshop is not available at this time.
  • Touching History with Art: It is wonderful to see the different ways that people integrate Sojourner and her message into their work and lives. A Western Massachusetts  photographer and teacher developed this very interesting lesson plan using art to illuminate Sojourner’s message.

Download a curriculum packet, which includes three lesson plans for elementary students:

  1. Sojourner Truth (mini-unit)
  2. Slavery Unit from the Brooklyn Library featuring the book Only Passing Through by Anne Rockwell
  3. Famous Abolitionists/Famous People, which features 6 important people from Sojourner’s era