Who Can Apply?

All Hampshire or Hampden County public high school seniors who have been active in social justice efforts and plan to attend college or postsecondary school.

How to Apply

Printed applications may be emailed to Carol Rinehart at carolvrinehart@gmail.com or mailed to:

Sojourner Truth Memorial Committee
P.O. Box 60405
Florence, MA 01062

Application Essay

Applicants must submit an essay (800-1200 words, typed and double-spaced) describing their experiences working for social justice in their schools or communities.

Essays will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Leadership and initiative with activities or projects (55%)
  • Relevance drawn between Sojourner Truth and your goals (30%)
  • Attention to writing and grammar (15%)


  • Describe your social justice project(s).
  • Explain what motivated you to choose the particular project, what the project involved, how you felt about it, and how your work relates to the life and works of Sojourner Truth. Include specific references about her work.
  • Give some examples of how it addresses the broad goals of social justice (such as reducing economic inequality, improving human rights, promoting diversity, or working to end violence, racism and discrimination).
  • Tell us about any plans to continue your social justice work after high school.
  • Briefly share any other biographical information that pertains to your work for social justice.

Application Deadline: April 25

Recipients are invited to a reception with some members of our committee in late April. Recipients are expected to attend the commemoration event on the Sunday before Memorial Day at the Sojourner Truth Memorial Statue in Florence, when they will receive their award.

Questions may be directed to: Carol Rinehart at carolvrinehart@gmail.com.

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