Curriculum support

The site for the Sojourner Truth memorial statue was a former small city park at the corner of Pine & Park Streets in Florence. The city donated the site for the statue and final plans were approved by the Northampton Board of Public Works in November 2001

The goal of the Curriculum Subcommittee is to help in the development and dissemination of materials about Sojourner Truth to local school teachers.

  • The subcommittee developed  sample lesson plans for 3-4 grade teachers based on the book “Only Passing Through” by Anne Rockwell.  The sample lessons, along with a copy of the book and audio tape and CD reading of the book were donated to 10 local elementary schools
  • In 2006-07 the subcommittee cooperated with the Deerfield Teacher’s Center  in developing a high school unit:  “Sojourner’s Third Life Chapter: Finding Other Truths at the Northampton Association for Education and Industry”.  This teacher workshop is  ongoing in the teacher training development of the Deerfield Teacher’s Center:
  • In 2009-10, a play about Sojourner was developed in collaboration with Enchanted Circle Theater.  They have now produced a complete version of the play for purchase on CD.

Touching History with Art:  It is wonderful to see the different ways that people integrate Sojourner and her message into their work and lives.  A Pioneer Valley  (Western Massachusetts) photographer and teacher recently posted this very interesting lesson plan using art to illuminate Sojourner’s message.

The Sojourner Truth Memorial Committee is a 501(c)3 organization ("Committee for Northampton, Inc"); EIN 22-3529750.